Winners of the 2016 NAGBW Awards

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    The 2016 NAGBW Awards Winners | October 7, 2016 | Denver, Colorado

    Best Local Reporting

    1. Josh Noel, “Pipeworks Brewing works through growing pains,” The Chicago Tribune
    2. Jonathan Shikes, “James and Sarah Howatt Are Wild, Sour and Crazy about their Black Beer Project,” Westword
    3. Andi Prewitt, “Oregon Trail Brewery: Rough, Rewarding Road,” Oregon Beer Growler

    HM: Anne- Fitten Glenn, “Beer From the Ground Up: Through Farming and Foraging, Local Brewers go Farm-to-Pint,” Edible Asheville

    Best National or International Reporting

    1. Aleszu Bajak, “Sequencing Wild Yeast,” Beer Advocate Magazine
    2. Joshua Bernstein, “Old News: From gose to grisette, history informs beer’s past and future,” Imbibe Magazine
    3. Jeff Alworth, “Hop Shift,” All About Beer Magazine

    HM: Gail Ann Williams and Steve Shapiro, “The Barest Barrel,” Beer Advocate

    Best Beer Blog

    1. Bryan Roth, This is Why I’m Drunk
    2. Robin Shepard, Beer Here Writer, Isthmus Publishing
    3. Carla Jean Lauter, The Beer Babe

    HM: Jay Brooks, Brookston Beer Bulletin

    Best Historical or Technical Beer Writing

    1. Jeff Alworth, “Attempting to Understand Reinheitsgebot,” All About Beer Magazine
    2. Drew Beechum and Denny Conn, Homebrew All-Stars, Quarto Publishing Group
    3. Patrick Dawson, “Past Its Prime: Vintage Beer Warning Signs,” Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine

    HM: Christopher Barnes, “Boost Your Craft Beverage Sales by Hiring a Wholesaler,” The Equipped Brewer

    Best Beer and Food Writing

    1. Mark Dredge, Cooking with Beer, Dog ‘n’ Bone Books
    2. Patrick Dawson, “Worth the Wait: Pairing Vintage Beer with Food,” Craft Beer & Brewing Magazine
    3. Jeff Cioletti, “Victorious Seasons,” FSR Magazine

    HM: Jesse Bussard, “Salt: Giving Gose Big Flavor,” All About Beer Magazine

    Best Beer and Travel Writing

    1. Joe Stange, “Lithuania and its Peculiar, Little-Known Farmhouse Ales,” Draft Magazine
    2. Martin Thibault, “Stjørdalsøl: Behind the Smoke, an Old Beer Style Thrives in Norway,” Beer Advocate Magazine
    3. John Holl, “Tapping Cuba: Finding Beer in the Land of Cigars and Rum,” All About Beer Magazine

    HM: Kyle Kastranec, “Riding in Cars with Strangers - 36 hours, 12 Ubers, and fast friends in San Diego,” Good Beer Hunting

    Best Short Form Beer Writing

    1. Brian Yaeger, “Hold the Granola: Brewers Experiment with Yogurt Souring,” Beer Advocate Magazine
    2. John Holl, “Last Call: Having a Round on the ‘Late Late Show,’" All About Beer Magazine
    3. Drew Beechum, “The Death of an Interestingly Potable Ale,” Beer Advocate Magazine

    HM: Zak Stambor, “Anchor's Christmas Ale released and annual guessing game begins,” The Chicago Tribune 

    Best Beer Commentary or Criticism

    1. Michael Kiser, “Surviving a Beer Midlife Crisis,” Good Beer Hunting
    2. Evan Rail, The Meanings of Craft Beer, eBook
    3. Joe Stange, “Towards Sincere Beer,” Draft Magazine

    HM: Bryan Roth, “What Should the Brewers Association Do to Address Race?” This is Why I’m Drunk

    Best Beer Podcast or Broadcast

    1. Andrew Gill and Alison Cuddy, Strange Brews Podcast
    2. Michael Kiser, Good Beer Hunting Podcast
    3. Drew Beechum and Denny Conn, Experimental Brewing Podcast

    HM: Jeff Alworth and Patrick Emerson, Beervana Podcast

    Best Beer Book

    1. Jeff Alworth, The Beer Bible, Workman Publishing
    2. Julia Herz and Gwen Conley, Beer Pairing: The Essential Guide from the Pairing Pros, Quarto Publishing Group
    3. Mark Dredge, The Best Beer in the World, Dog ‘n’ Bone Books

    HM: Drew Beechum and Denny Conn, Homebrew All-Stars, Quarto Publishing Group

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