The Reporter’s Notebook was created to support journalists at a time when opportunities and outlets are shrinking. Launched in April 2020, it’s a home for short stories about beer and brewing at a time of great change for the industry.

Our stories:

Using Beer to Turn Breadcrumbs into Dough by Hollie Stephens
By working with a local brewery, two University of Nottingham students are turning food waste into funds for social change.

Gearing Up for Another Group Ride by Regina Beach
As Chicago beer businesses slowly reopen, a cyclist wonders about the future of the social club she founded.

Canada’s Malt Barley Farmers Cope with Changing Demand by Don Tse
In Alberta, thousands of grain growers attempt to absorb the impact of the economic downturn caused by COVID-19.

Drinkers Weigh Options as Breweries and Bottle Shops Reopen by Matt Osgood
Despite feeling nostalgic about visiting bars and taprooms during the COVID-19 pandemic, some beer fans remain wary of the risks.

Breweries in Austin Adapt to a New Normal by Alisha McDarris
As breweries in the Texan capital ease back into business, a photo essay shows how they celebrate every small step forward.

How Coronavirus Changed My Mind About Beer Cellaring by Brian Yaeger
What’s the psychology behind the desire to build up impressive beer collections but never drink them down?

In Dublin, a Pub Fights for Its Survival by Lucas Spiro
What will the loss of public houses mean to Irish culture? In this podcast episode, one establishment explains why it isn’t planning to find out.

Despite Headwinds, DC’s Black-Owned Breweries Sail On by Mike Stein
Two of the city’s 10 breweries struggle to navigate the challenges posed by a global pandemic.

Learning to Look Forward with Milbo by Em Sauter
There’s so much to miss about beer right now, but good times, and the experiences that go with them, will return. Cartoonist Em Sauter shares a panel-by-panel explanation. 

South Africa’s Lockdown Is Crippling Craft Beer by Lucy Corne
A total ban on alcohol sales is causing the country’s roughly 200 breweries to ask: How will we survive this?

Balancing Empathy and Objectivity in a Pandemic by Kate Bernot
Reporters normally don’t want to get too cozy with sources, but coronavirus forces them to change this calculation.

The Nation’s Beer Historian is Taking Stock by Brian Alberts
Theresa McCulla’s job is to save the stories of American breweries. It’s now more essential than ever.

Dry Hobbies for Beer Geeks by Stasia Brewczynski
What are some ways you can engage with your beer hobby without finishing off a four pack of IPA? An illustrated look at your options.

Rabid Brewing’s Dino Delivery by David Nilsen
This Illinois brewery infuses its offbeat sense of humor into each and every Crowler sale.

Day Drinking Done Right by John Holl
Proper day-drinking can’t be about boredom, and it shouldn’t have a regularly scheduled time either.

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